System Wars TwentySixteen: Rise of the Machines. Who will be the Therminator? Featured

11:45 am - 12:30 pm 14 Friday

True to be a conference highlight, the ever popular System Wars will round out Friday AM. This year, version TwentySixteen, sees the Rise of automated brewing systems compete against each other to produce Sparkling Ale.

Four mere mortals take the challenge of taming four different automated homebrew machines to see which can produce the best Australian Sparkling Ale. Our four brewers will meet to brew their beers (in 1 setting) in August, so that beers will be fully fermented and conditioned by our conference event. The brew day will be shot on video, which will run as attendees sample the finished beers. All brewers will discuss their process including anecdotes at using their chosen system.

Pico vs. Robo vs. Grainfather vs. Braumeister. Which machine will rein supreme? You be the judge. You nominate the Therminator!


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