13 Thursday

Thursday is the lead-up to conference with a busy morning of AABC (Australian Amateur Brewing Championship) judging. In afternoon, the Coopers Brewery tour will commence complete with bus return. The evening is brought in nicely with our ever fabled ANHC Pairing Dinner. Folks looking to kick-on or just convene with conference attendees can do so at the Wheaty, 2.5km from the Hilton Hotel in Thebarton neighborhood.

07:30 am - 8:00 am Early AABC Judge Arrival

14 Friday

An action packed first day of conference kicks off with Mitch Steel from Stone Brewing, as first of our keynotes. The day continues with presentations from legendary brood like Tim Cooper, Chris White, Stan Hieronymus, Brendan O'Sullivan, Bert Van Hecke, and a collection of homebrewers who've gone pro. We also squeek in System Wars TwentySixteen: Rise of the Machines. The evening is rounded out with the ANHC Gala Dinner and AABC Awards Presentation.

08:00 am - 08:45 am Early Registration

15 Saturday

Stan Hieronymus launches Saturday with an exploration of brewing with wheat. The day proceeds with topics on fermentation control and resulting flavour impact, specialty malting including home malting and toasting, a mead and braggot panel, recipe formulation on a pilot system with empasis on new hop varieties, correct selection of malt to make the right beer, and finally, a 'best of the best' panel discussing hop trends in the US and Australia.

08:00 am - 09:00 am Early Registration