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Mitch Steele--Brewmaster Stone Brewing Co. USA

Mitch SteeleBrewmaster Stone Brewing Co. USA

Mitch Steele is the Brewmaster for Stone Brewing Co. Since graduating from UC Davis in 1984 with a Fermentation Science degree, he has brewed at some of the largest and smallest breweries in the world.


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Stone Brewing Co.
Bert Van Hecke--Global Belgian Legend

Bert Van HeckeGlobal Belgian Legend

Bert started as a home brewer and decided to study engineering where he graduated from the University of Ghent in 2002 and took an additional year of brewing specialization in 2003.

He did internships at various Belgian breweries like Orval and Rodenbach and an internship at New Belgium brewery in 2002, which was his first introduction to the American craft brewery scene. After these internships, Bert kept in contact with American craft brewers to get a good understanding of the market and the specific processes used to create American style beers. Being a member of the jury at the World Beer Cups from 2006 until present, it gave Bert a good understanding of the brewing evolution in craft brewing.


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Doug Donelan--New Zealand Hops

Doug DonelanNew Zealand Hops

Doug joined New Zealand Hops, grower-owned co-operative in 2006 and has played a pivotal role in the co-ordination and successful repositioning of the New Zealand hops brand internationally and the continuing development of our unique hop variety offering.


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New Zealand Hops
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