Kevin HingstonCo-owner, Brewer PACT Beer Co.

Kevin Hingston got bitten by the homebrew bug in 2011, following a life changing realisation that there was more to beer and more to life than 30 packs of VB cans.

Home brewing soon took over his life. Canberra Brewers Committee, brewing literally every weekend, becoming obsessed with comps, and organising ANHC Four. It all added up. Lucky he wasn’t married yet or it could have ended in divorce! …Kevin tells us that line is patently untrue and that everything he’s achieved to date can be traced back to a very understanding and supportive partner, now wife!…

This entrenchment in the homebrewing scene came matched with an obsession with the AABC and it’s related comps. After winning a ticket to nationals in 2012, competition brewing became Kevin’s singular passion. It paid off. Kevin pulled off ACT champion brewer in 2013 before reprising that award in 2014 and ramming home the AABC national champion award in the same year.

That award was the trigger. Kevin decided to stop saying ‘yeh nah’ everytime a friend said that his beer should be available commercially: he decided to make it happen.

Pact Beer Co was born in the aftermath and afterglow of ANHC four. Three friends, Kevin Hingston, Marc Grainger, and Tim Osborne started a gypsy brewing brand with the promise to brew great beer and never compromise on flavour, quality and creativity.

Every Pact Beer still starts off as a home-brew in Kevin’s tiny Canberra kitchen. Then it gets scaled up, brewed out, and shipped across Canberra and around Australia for folks to enjoy.

Pact has a solid range of keg and bottled products and are forming plans to establish their own Canberra brewery soon.

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Pact Beer Co.