Crafty Contractors

Not a Beer Factory. We are a home for passionate craft Brewers.

For the past decade we have lived and breathed craft beer. We enjoy the collaborative experience which comes with working alongside other passionate brewers. Here are some reasons we are the logical choice to help with your craft brew.

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Quality Craft
For over a decade we have been producing high quality beer, which is reflected in success with numerous awards both locally and internationally. We bring this knowledge, passion and attention to detail to your beer.

Our minimum order is about 1/5 of most production breweries. This allows brewers with a great idea to test the market without risking life savings. We can split brews over cans, kegs and soon bottles. We bring all the benefits of cans with the flexibility of labelling. These means you can start with as little as 100 cartons and need not print 50,000 cans to start.

We Care For Craft
We have a long history in craft beer and understand the issues facing small distributors. We are craft brewers and do not produce large batch commercial beers. We will work with you so you are involved in the process.

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