Never before has it been so easy to brew really good beer yourself.  Thanks to the Braumeister's patented technology and its easy handling there's no fiddling about and no mess.  The entire brewing process takes place in a single container and is controlled fully automatically by the control system.

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Anyone who has ever brewed with other equipment knows how bothersome brewing can be. With the Braumeister there is no stirring, no burning, no racking and no tinkering. All brewing steps take place in one vessel and are controlled by the fully automatic control system. You can concentrate on brewing a beer that perfectly suits your taste - or in between simply do nothing for a while.

The special feature of the Braumeister principle is that the goodness from the malt is not extracted by an agitator, but by a gently pumping the wort around. Mashing, lautering and hop boiling all take place in one boiler. That's how everything stays clean.

Speidel is a medium-size enterprise with over 120 employees. Since 1912, we have been passionately manufacturing containers and our long-time expertise has become second nature to us. In order for our proverbial quality to remain the benchmark of our work, we invest in the most modern technology and manufacturing plants as well as in the best possible training for our employees.

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