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Gladfield Malt is available to brewers and home brewers throughout the world. At Gladfield we believe that everyone should be able to use the best malts available, which is why we can supply any order size from as little as 1kg. We sell direct to the market. Get in contact with Gabi today about your requirements and buy the best malt available.

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Malt is our passion!

Gladfield maltings is situated on Gladfield Farm in Canterbury, New Zealand and the majority of barley used by the maltings is grown here. Not only does this make for spectacular surroundings to the malting’s at certain times of the year, but fantastic malt can only be made with high quality barley and having control of this equally critical step in the malting process gives us huge advantage.

For five generations we have been putting a great deal of pride, passion and energy into growing the finest malting barley in the world along with the help of Mother nature, Canterbury has long been renowned for its highly favorable growing conditions for malting barley. Its Maritime climate combined with the foehn winds that come off the Southern Alps is unparalleled any where in the world for growing this crop.

Gladfield with its sophisticated modern day malting plant is unprecedented in the way it has combined the best of Barley growing, Climate, Experience, Tradition and Technology to create truly authentic hand crafted malt.

Our passion to make a great product and uncompromising approach to quality and service is a philosophy shared with and recognized by our customers and friends in the brewing industry. You always know who you are dealing with at Gladfield, we don’t just own the business we work for it, from the soil to the brewery!

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