Our quest is to alleviate the world of beer poverty giving you the chance to brew your own great beer made from the finest malt, hops and yeast.

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Why are we here?

…if not to drink good beer, great beer brewed by great people for drinkers, thinkers and ponderers who enjoy their blessed ales in the company of family and friends with good food and good cheer…hmmm beer :-)
We don’t know about you but we do know about us and what we care about. We care about the quality of beer you choose to drink and the quality of customer service and delivery of your blessed brewing ingredients from the growers and makers doors and how it is managed from their door to yours…

That’s why over a beer or two three blokes put their heads together and thought there has to be a better way to alleviate the world of ‘beer poverty’. Yes, it really does exist! The beer world is dominated by a few extremely large and scary multinational breweries brewing sometimes very ordinary beers to sell to extremely large and sometimes scary retailers that literally ram this often watery yellow substance down your throats and tell you what good beer should taste like.  But that is not what good beer is to us and many of you good beer drinkers and thinkers and brewers are looking for more flavour, craft, a connection with who has brewed their beer and where the ingredients come from that go into that blessed ale nowadays.

Nowadays we think you should sip, savour and socialise and discuss the beer you drink just like you do with the good food and company you keep. Life is too short to drink watery yellow liquid being passed off to you by the majors as beer.

….so we started a tiny little company called BeerCo …3 blokes with big dreams to do lots of good little things in the land of beer…of course we hope to start small and from small things big things might grow…but note that is in the way we want them to grow, the way our customers and partners and suppliers want their quality brewing ingredients to be treated with the respect they deserve…

It really is quite simple today, we want to search and source supply quality independent brewing ingredients and materials for brewers – home and pro. We will do our very best to get it to your door, your local home brew shop or club so you too can brew a wonderful beer.

If you like our vision of a better beer tomorrow please join our little Beervolution. We would like to think we are Beervolutionaries but we might be puffing our chests out a little too far, almost past our middle age beer bellies, after all there are real Beervolutionaries out there brewing real craft beers. Our job is more like the humble good beer porter helping you to brew your own and enjoy your own or others real beer with good company. If that sounds good news to you its good news for us too.

Dermott, Gus & Roger – a few good beer blokes with big ambitions for alleviating beer poverty – one good brew a time…

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