Little Bang Brewing Co.

We're the Little Bang Brewing Company, straight from the suburbs of Adelaide. We are Fil and Ryan, and our families. We used to make video games for a living, we were nerds for games. We still are, really, but now we make beer.

We're much, much bigger nerds about beer. We talk about it, argue about it, dream about it and read about it. A lot. In 2013 we started collecting equipment, materials and tools, and over the next 18 months we designed and built a brewery in Fil's garage. It was crowded.

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We immediately ran into the problem of not being able to produce enough beer to meet demand. A Good Problem To Have, according to literally everyone we know. So at the end of 2015 we moved into bigger premises in Stepney where we could fit two more fermentors and open up a cellar door.

The Little Bang Brewery is different to most commercial breweries, it’s a mixture of brewing and wine making equipment, and other bits and pieces we either found or invented. The brewhouse has no Control Panel, brew days see Fil and Ryan poking things with thermometers, hydrometers, pH meters, stirring with paddles, dragging hoses around, weighing things out, squinting at calculators and cleaning it all by hand. Soooo much cleaning.

We carbonate the beer naturally, by encouraging a secondary fermentation in the keg. This gives the beer more complexity, a fluffier mouthfeel and a fuller, rounder flavour. It can lead to subtle differences between batches, but we find that kind of thing interesting anyway, and so far they've all been delicious,

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Little Bang