Voyager Craft Malt

Voyager Craft Malt produces small batch artisanal malts from our own locally grown and regionally sourced seasonal grains in the Riverina NSW. We specialise in growing and malting hand crafted malts from a diverse range of premium quality grain.

Working closely with farmers and brewers allows us to be able to provide a high quality and uniquely local product, in an attempt to further inspire craft brewers to innovate and push the boundaries of craft beer.

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Our families have been producing high quality barley and other cereal grains for 4 generations in the small rural town of Barellan. Situated in the heart of the NSW grain belt, Barellan and its region the Riverina has a rich history of producing some of the finest malting barley in the world. Its mild winters, and hot dry summers provide the ideal growing conditions for malting barley. Sadly much of the character and identity of the grain produced in the region is neglected, as its treated as nothing but a faceless commodity once its trucked out the farm gate. Trying to give our own grain some identity and create malts that could inspire ourselves and fellow brewers to push the boundaries of craft beer, we set out to explore the idea of establishing an on farm malt house little further.

In late 2012 we started 'playing' around in our own backsheds, producing a series of experimental malts for our own beers from some selected grains sourced from our farm and other growers in the region. These malts took our beers to a new level, and with a lot of support from brewers, distillers, farmers, family and friends we decided to fully pursue our dream of establishing a malting facility on farm dedicated to supplying malts for craft brewers and distillers. 2013 was a busy year, as we continued to trial and experiment with many different varieties and malts, anaylysing subtle differences of flavor profiles from different Barley varieties, growing locations and seasonal conditions. In early 2014 we were confident enough in getting some larger quantities of our 'Schooner', and 'Buloke' Barley varieties malted under contract for a few of our craft brewing mates.

In late 2014 we started aquiring the equipment to give us direct control over all aspects of the product. Today, we continue to experiment and innovate with a range of high quality grains and malts, sourcing only the very best barley for malting, producing the best malt for craft beer and helping brewers connect consumers to growers...paddock to pint.

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Voyager Craft Malt
Voyager Craft Malt